Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are almost essential if you want to hold back dirt or fill. Leaving a sloping effect will reduce your usable area and also increase rainwater flow into your area.

Land contours are a fact of life. Most blocks have them and when you are looking for space, they can hinder your landscaping plans. Retaining walls of any description will allow you to create level areas and increase your usable ground space considerably.

There are a variety of suitable materials available now for retaining walls construction in natural as well as man-made. We can offer our free advice on styles and materials so that we build the retaining wall you need and want.

From Modular walls to manmade decorative bricks and wooden sleepers to natural stone walls, we can build a retaining wall to suit the surrounding landscape vista.

Retaining walls using:

  • Wood
  • Old Sleepers
  • Manmade Modular
  • Split Stone
  • Natural Rocks and Stone
  • Concrete Planks
  • Bricks and Blocks

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